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19 Aug


Aug. 17 National Black Cat Appreciation Day

14 Aug

Sunday, August 17th is National Black Cat Appreciation Day and TARPS is asking our friends and fans to post pictures of your favorite black cat on our facebook page ( whether it is a pet, friend’s pet, fictional or famous cat. It’s time to celebrate these very special cats!

As a treat on this occasion, here is a repost of one of our favorite 2011 blogs


As many a superstition that paint black cats as evil and bad luck, there are those that have black cats as good luck omens.

For instance, let’s take Ship’s Cats. Throughout history black cats have been chosen as ship cats to guard the cargo from rodents. The sailors who were superstitious, believed the cat would protect a ship from dangerous weather. But if a cat fell or was thrown overboard it could call up a fierce storm.

A sailor’s wife would keep a black cat to ensure the safety of her husband at sea. (This I am sure, is great news for my daughter who is married to a sailor and loves cats).

Esther and Lady Catherine

Esther and Lady Catherine

In the north of England and in Japan, owning a black cat is considered lucky. Other superstitions mention that it is good fortune for a newly married couple to have a black cat cross their path as they leave the church. It is also reportedly good luck to have a black cat walk into your home. A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity. A black cat in the audience of a play’s opening night is a sign it will be a successful play.

Next time you are at a shelter looking for your pet, take a closer look at these magically, wonderful animals. Bring a little luck into your house.

Encyclopedia of Superstitions 1949 By Edwin Radford, Mona A. Radford’s_cat

Chester lost near The Chester/Andover Family Center

14 Aug



Chester,  a 1-year-old neutered male.  He went missing on Aug. 11 across from the Chester/Andover Family Center on Route 103S. He is friendly, and not shy. Chester has only 1/2 a tail.

If you see Chester give us a call or email us.


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