We’ve changed our name!

27 Mar

The Animal Rescue and Protection Society, Inc (TARPS) is now Webster’s House Animal Shelter.

WebsterHouseLOGO500pxThe name Webster’s House Animal Shelter represents what we consider an important part of our mission. Special need, injured or chronically ill animals that might be euthanized at another shelter will be given a chance of life at Webster’s House. What began as the Webster Fund, a fund specifically for cats that need extra medical care or long term health care, became the genesis of the shelter’s name. It reflects back to the original reason for starting the shelter—a lone animal that was scheduled for euthanization that a group of concerned volunteers tried unsuccessfully to save. This laid the foundation of our shelter, which went on to save hundreds of other animals, which could have suffered the same fate.

Early in March a new volunteer board of directors took their seats to steer Webster’s House for the next few years. The newly elected president is Mary Findley, a Springfield resident. Filling out the board is Matt Morrill, vice president from Rockingham; Springfield resident Charlie Kramp is treasurer; Remington Fecteau from Charlestown, New Hampshire is secretary; and Lore Higgins from Milford, Connecticut and Betsy Perry from Grafton are directors.


Happily our mission will remain the same. We will continue doing our best to help stray and abandoned animals find good and kind loving families. And best of all, Mary Donaldson will continue as our shelter manager.


The Webster’s House Animal Shelter is dedicated to effect positive change in the communities we serve, regarding the proper care and welfare of all animals, including those that are homeless, abandoned or rescued from abuse.

Our objectives are to:

Operate a no kill shelter
Rescue and care for stray and abandoned household pets
Promote the importance of spaying/neutering
Place animals with loving adoptive homes
Educate the public in the proper care and nutrition of animals
Improve the lives of feral cats through education and action, which includes rehabilitation and humane Trap, Neuter and Release programs
If you’d like to join us, either as a member or volunteer, a donor or sponsor, or an adopter. We’d love to have you.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be phasing out our facebook page soon. Visit (and like us) at www.facebook.com/webstershouse.

We ask your patience as we share pages with our TARPS website as we slowly change everything over to the Webster’s House.

Butterscotch needs help to find her family

4 Feb

Do you recognize this cat? Call us and let us know who she is so we can return her home

This is a new cat that was brought in today from Flamsted Rd in Chester, we’re calling her Butterscotch. She is super friendly and laid back. She likes to give kisses to your hands when you are petting her. She is a dilute calico (mostly white) and has a grey tail with butterscotch color patches. There is also a butterscotch color spot on her chin. If she looks familiar call 802-875-7777.

Do you recognize me? UPDATE: Her owners have come to claim her. Thank you

27 Jan
Someone is probably missing this cutie.

Someone is probably missing this cutie.

We found this sweet cat past the hospital in Springfield on Monday (Jan 26). She was been bullied by some other neighborhood cats. She looks taken care of and is not afraid of people so we think she is someone’s pet.

If you recognize her, please give us a call. We’d like to get her safely home.


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