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Notice–no child visitors until May 1

23 Apr

Cat virus in the kitten room.

We are under medical quarantine until May 1 to prevent the spread of a contagious cat virus. Humans can NOT contract it. Unfortunately it may easily move through the shelter by people touching an infected animal then a healthy one. Because of this no children will be allowed in the shelter during quarantine. We are also limiting the flow of people in and out of the shelter.

Many beautiful cats still longing for homes. Make an appointment soon.

Many beautiful cats still longing for homes. Call to make an appointment soon.

Our healthy animals still would love homes. Call to visit. 802-875-7777.

We welcome the public to visit and see our healthy adoptable animals. But during this time we ask people to call the shelter to set up an appointment.

Thank you for your patience.

Mary Donaldson

TARPS Kitten Season video

20 Apr

Enjoy this lovely moment with us at TARPS


TARPS’ Tails

22 Mar

by Denise Morrill

Hey Jude

A special cat indeed.

A special cat indeed.

Jude is a fantastic, young, special needs cat. This little fella is allergic to nearly everything under the sun. Jude will need a strict diet and to be an indoor only cat. His vet will need to consider his allergies before prescribing any medications or shots. The good news is that he’s worth it. Jude is handsome, playful, and lovable. Because of the special care he will need, The Animal Rescue and Protection Society will waive Jude’s adoption fee. Please contact us for more information.


Helen is blind but she doesn't let it hinder her life

Helen is blind but she doesn’t let it hinder her life

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” – Helen Keller

Helen is a beautiful, 10 year old, blind cat. She is friendly with people, but defensive toward other cats. Helen enjoys being petted and sitting on laps. Her blindness comes from cataracts. It is not contagious, does not hurt, or require medication, and will not affect other parts of her body. Helen is fully capable of leading a happy life, with a person who understands her limitations. Please contact us for more information about Helen.

Top Model

We have 3 beautiful cats standing before us, but we only have 1 photo in our to post. Chloe is  TARPS' Next Top Model.

We have 3 beautiful cats standing before us, but we only have 1 photo in our to post. Chloe is TARPS’ Next Top Model!

We are highlighting our most photogenic cats! Just like people, some are natural models. The best part? You can secure any of these three cats’ services for FREE!

Goldy is a 5 year old perma-kitten. In other words, she is exceptionally tiny for a full grown cat. Her golden tabby tuxedo and 4 white slippers are the perfect attire for any setting.

Mr. Collins is a large, elegant and aloof fellow. His untouchable good looks have left many a woman pining for his love and this effect translates well into photograph. Mr. Collins is non-aggressive, but not people friendly.

Chloe (pictured above) is accidental comedy in motion…and stills. She is a beautiful cat who can often be captured looking delightfully laughable. She especially enjoys being petted and drinking running water.

For more info on any of these photogenic three, call us.

BOOM, Baby!

Give Boomstick a shot

Give Boomstick a shot

Are you fighting an Army of Darkness? Then listen up! You see this? This… could be your Boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled meow-machine. The Animal Rescue and Protection Society’s top of the line. You can find her in Room #1. That’s right, this sweet baby was made somewhere in southern Vermont. Adoptable for only $49.95. She’s got a warm, fluffy stock, cobalt black fur, and a hair trigger. That’s right. Adopt smart. Adopt TARPS sMart. You got that?

And even if you aren’t on an epic, B-movie adventure, come by and meet Boomstick. She’s not half as dangerous as she looks, and is twice as affectionate.


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